Kinematic study of Asanas to discover geometrical archetypes - Creators in reverse: Khoj Residency 2016’

In studying the Astronaut's exercise routine in the International Space Station we discovered a fundamental flaw in their routine, they seem to pretend that they are in a gravitational field by strapping themselves and performing actions that mimic the Bicycle, Running track and weight lifting, None of these exercised are possible in absolute '0' gravity.

The object that is to be used as an aide must be made to work in '0' gravity and must not pretend to be in gravity. The exercises must be actions that arrive from within the body tapping in internal resistance. Ex. The average weight of the arm is 7 kgs and there must be a way to realise the weight from within. The only exercise we have evolved in these terms is Yoga. We tapped into the archetypes of asanas and looking to extract a common archetype that might later evolve into that object that Astronauts will use for exercise in space.

The following images are an indication of the method of extracting the archetype. This exercise was not completed during the residency. Work has been continuing in this direction for a few months and will lead to another project. 

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