Hail, Ceasar (2015) - review

The Coen brothers have challenged, entertained and disappointed me over the years and that I believe how a body of work really will be, with ups and downs.  Hail, Ceasar is surely is down in terms of overall commitment. The story has some sparkles here and there. The ideas were in place but somehow did not come together. I think the coens are intellectuals distancing themselves from the average movie goer (heck! I am not an average movie goer). There must be many jokes and exploration of sub-cultures in this movie, perhaps there was a Ronald Reagen in there too. 

If you are a Coen brothers fan then the choice of seeing this does not exist, It is an important film. I am willing to wait and see whatever the Coens throw at me.

Perhaps, They must stop casting Clooney and go back to the genre that gave us "Millers crossing" and  "No Country for Old men" . Please come back to us Coens.

   Trailer  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMqeoW3XRa0