The Equalizer (2014) - review

I am a south indian who was introduced to film by watching first day's first show of Rajnikath's films. Rajnikanth is a charmer who always wins. He would keep his mannerisms to a minimum and repeat them. This repetition brings familiarity and so an addiction of sorts sets in. My man, Denzil is the black Rajnikanth of Hollywood, Consistent and always entertaining. 

Robert McCall, A man with no past but a creature of habit; helpful and watchful at once. He cares about the people that he works and lives with and will fight for justice if they get hurt. His brand of justice is brutal and swift. He is thrown into the world of the Russian mafia and he comes out destroying them. He is half monk and half hitman.

Equalizer I believe is a popular TV serial and perhaps was inspired by Jack Reacher. We will see sequels to both these films in 2016. I look forward to them.