Inflection points between Business flow and Climate change.

Expert from the book "Mandala of Sustainability" 

Where must an organisation start to comprehensively adapt to the changes that are taking place due to climate change. Here is a model that we created at Climate Miles. 

The three interacting aspects are:

1, Enterprise performance indicators (yellow)

2, Business lifecycle (red)

3, Stakeholders (blue)

The organisation that starts on this model must spot its operations within the red and then follow through with it in the other 2 directions. 

03 CM_data vis_drivers 1.png

The above method will create a maximum of 150 isolated inflection instances (image below). In most cases extraction and consumption can be interchanged unless the organisation is into mining as well.

Once the inflection points are identified the a framework to measure needs to be established. these infection points when reduced to tasks effects all business functions in the organisation, and so the distribution of sustainability practice happens evenly within the organisation.

As the functional areas go about performing their duty the environmental sustainability agenda gets fulfilled.