Unselected proposal of ClimateMiles for an Impact investment competition by NDTV.

From what I read this is another phishing adventure by want-to-be impact investors. There are many like these going on in India now. People looking for business plans, build a portfolio and then form a impact investment fund. I have no objection to this model. I got to exercise my brain and formulate my thoughts. Thank you @ShikhaUberoi and thank you @ndtv

This under is a wonderful regret email I got from the Admin;

I’m Shikha Uberoi, former professional tennis player for India and now impact entrepreneur. I am the creator and executive producer of The Real Deal. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for applying for the show. We received nearly 200 applications and so much enthusiasm from you and the whole sector. It was incredibly tough to choose 12 because you all are so great! While putting this show together I dreaded this part the most, I didn’t want to deny you this show. I want you all to win and succeed and I wish you each my best. I want to emphasize that this is a 360 degree platform where we will enjoy pitching events, panel discussions, galas etc. It is very much of an ecosystem builder that rolls into a TV show season after season. We have the support of the sector worldwide and I really would like it if you saw this as a platform and a property that you can use to your advantage, the show is just one aspect. I want to give you access to each other, to other funds, media outlets, and networks around the world.