"Asanaut" - Kinematics of Asanas and what it has to offer to the Astronaut

In space gravity has no influence on weight and that means our astronauts (earthings in space) do not feel their own weight. The result of this phenomenon are loss of 14% bone density in the first year (it takes 6 months one-way to Mars), loss of muscular strength, weakening of eyesight  and the other areas that get affected are proprioception and the vestibular system. 

Astronauts exercise 2 hours a day on the bicycle, treadmill and weight lift (weight is replaced by resistance by hydraulic systems). My observations led me to believe that these exercises are suited for living on spaces where gravity has an influence and so inappropriate for space.

Yoga philosophy has 8 limbs to it, that is, 8 fields of simultaneous study is required to follow and benefit from yoga. Yoga is not a religious practice but rooted in logic. Yoga philosophy gives equal importance to body, mind and to the breath. The mind centered western approach finds this logical approach a bit out of its grasp and hence is chary of adapting or learning from philosophy of yoga.

In space weight is replaced by resistance and so the ideal environment for the Astronauts is where every object they interact with contains inherent or created resistance.  The 3rd limb of yoga is asana which is the physical discipline which was developed solely with resistance, As if the evolving of yoga considered the need to practice in 0 gravity or other varying gravities. 

The concept of resistance occurred during the process and particularly in discussion with Sue Fairburn (resident from the 2015 chapter of The undivided mind) and upon exploring I came up with a entry point to study this further. Pictures from the book "light on yoga" were clipped (shown below) and the external angles were marked with a pencil and measured with a protractor. I will now push them through a visualizing software and examine the outputs. I am hoping to arrive at a geometrical form that will inform the exercising tool (I will call it "Asanaut" that can be installed in the International space station (ISS).  At this point my intuitive opinion is Asanaut will be made with nano tech where resistance can be programmed to a specific astronaut and to a specific asana. 

Some work in progress images where the Asanaut emerged at Khoj, Undivided Mind (2016)