Extending and streamlining nature

There is nothing in nature that needs extending and streamlining. Everything disperses/ breakdown and gets used by something or someone, during that process and the subsequent process. The nature of process and the process of nature are the same. 

Recently a monsoon storm blew into our neighbourhood, A large Teak tree let loose its dry flowers onto a walk way of an apartment not far from where I live. The help that maintains the walkway swept it onto the road. The large uneven and three dimensional arrangement was to be picked up the next day too find its way to the landfill. I was visiting a friends studio here when I saw this arrangement. There grew an irresistible urge to do something with it. I filled my car with these dry flowers and twigs and got back home. Here it lay quietly for a week before I related to it with my body. 

1. The neighbourhood got involved in the installation

2. The cats that scurry up this Singapore cherry tree to chase bats. These twigs prevented them for a few days and the bat population around the tree saw a remarkable rise

3. Many varieties of birds were seen picking up the twigs to make nests

4. Many other alterations would have occurred in nature which I did not witness and many more than are beyond our direct observation