Unintentional art leading to intentional thought

As I wander into this building that is under construction and walked through the toilets where the tiles are yet to be fixed. The images reminded me of rock painting and humans primitive instinct to design and form. 

I have been pondering about the origin of design and creation of form in the human mind for a long time now. I have not come across any theory which satisfies me. Neuroscience  seems to present evidence of where the activity is taking place in the brain and the triggers to such events. Neuroscience explains the How? but not the Why?, certainly not the origin of this instinct. 

I will hazard a guess. There may be an singular event that happened that triggered the human being to allow form and design to play a role in developing and practicing awareness - I don't think the brain alone is responsible for this. For this theory to find its legs I have to bring the science of Dr. Rupert Sheldrake and the idea of Morphic resonance. Morphic resonance introduces the idea that all human beings use channels outside of the themselves to communicate to each other and that If an important event occurs the experience of one will very soon become the experience of all. In a short story called "Rescue party" Sir. Arthur C. Clarke introduces a planet called Palador where all residents of this planet share one brain. This work of fiction and the science of Dr. Rupert Sheldrake for me are a coming together of a powerful idea. 

The event could be an apparition where a form just manifested itself in the sky. How could that be? I will present 3 simple choices under:

1. An alien race that decides to seed our consciousness with form and design decides to project an object that human could relate to or aspire to create

2. A strange arrangement of the clouds and the bouncing of light that perhaps creates a something that triggers the idea of form and design

3. Mind altering intoxicants and the visions that follow

If a simple and functional stroke of the mason's tools on wet cement can trigger this many thoughts I wonder if there is merit in using the word "Simple".