Discussion with Sudarshan Shetty in the year 2010

Sudarshan shetty has an marvellous mind. It dwells in that collective niche of our minds where objects and interactions with them takes place. His mind is like a hawk up in the sky and our minds the various life forms down below, like the hawk Sudarshan sees a different view of us humans; our interactions with objects; and with each other.

I spent a few days with him talking about his mind using his work as tools and for this interaction. At that point he was preparing for a show at a gallery in Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum called “It too shall pass”. I believe the works he put out at this show were at a cusp, He shifted over to a place where he is more assured of his work and is able to boldly experiment.

When this was shot on camera in the year 2010 it was meant to be a long version documentary, As the years passed by I lost touch with Sudarshan who got even more busy and famous. I tried editing it a few times to bring it to a stage where I could identify gaps and perhaps then speak with Sudarshan to shoot the gaps. The edits did not go well and so did my attempts at speaking with Sudarshan. So in the year 2016 I resolved to give it shape and it turned out to have 5 shapes.

Special thanks my friend Sowmya who brought it together....